Our Support Team

Some of the work done by the support team of sirdar, guides, cook, assistant cooks and porters

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support 1
support 2
support 3

The support team; sirdar, guides, cooks and porters

Porters carried all of the trek bags and camping equipment

The support team pitch the tents

support 4
support 5
support 6

... and the toilet tent

Bed tea at 6.15 am

Hot washing water at 6.30 am

support 7
support 8
support 9

Preparing a meal and boiled drinking water

Breakfast alfresco

Guides bring lemon squash to help the party reach the lunch stop

support 10
support 11
support 12

Cooking lunch

Afternoon tea on arrival at camp

Candle lit dinner in the mess tent

support 13
support 14
support 15

Cakes for special occasions

Breaking camp at the start of another trekking day

Support team relaxing