Monasteries and Museums

Photographs of some of the Monasteries and Museums to be seen in Nepal

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Culture 1
Culture 2
Culture 3

Hanuman-dhoka Durbar Bhairav ~ Shiva in his destructive manifestation

Monkey Temple ~ Kathmandu

The Monkeys

Culture 4
Culture 5
Culture 6

Chumig Gyatsa, Muktinath; Buddhist and Hindu pilgrimage site

100 springs

Jwalamai (Goddess of Fire) Temple which shelters natural gas flames

Culture 7
Culture 8
Culture 9

Lo Manthang Dragkar-Thegchen Ling monastery

Young monks


Culture 10
Culture 11
Culture 12

More offerings

Yet more offerings

It really is a statue

Culture 13
Culture 14
Culture 15

Lowo Nyiphug Namdrol Norbuling (Cave) Monastery

Old Gurung Museum

Old Gurung Museum; real baby in traditional cradle exhibit